Benchmade Knives


History of Benchmade company started in 1988 with the creation of balisongs or knives butterfly. Subsequently, the butterfly has become a symbol of the brand. The blades of traditional balisong made of steel 440C, handle – two perforated metal parts. Balisong – rugged, reliable tactical knife with an aggressive blade. All knives belonging to this brand can be divided into three main groups. Selecting the right model is simplified, if the buyer knows which particular class refers liked him a knife.

Gold class
This category contains quality Benchmade knives, which can be purchased in order to replenish the collection, and for the daily needs.
These models are characterized by such virtues as a thoughtful charming design, high functionality and reliability.

Blue class
This group includes Benchmade knives, which can be called the “golden mean”. Knives are relatively affordable price and excellent quality characteristics.
Each model, whether it is a folding knife or a tourist, made for the true connoisseurs, are perfectly oriented in the first-class cutlery.

Black class
All products are black class focuses primarily on people who occasionally fall into extreme situations, facing real danger. Knives of this class can be automatic, foldable and clumsy, are a serious weapon, they can be used as a means of survival.

You can be sure that the Benchmade knives have a blade hardness, which can compete with other famous brands of knives. To improve the quality characteristics of knives company uses the most modern varieties of coatings, only high-tech materials.

The development of the design of products involved in the real celebrities in this area, for example, Warren Osborne, Neil Blackwood, Mel Pardue, Mike Snowden and many other equally well-known people in the knife business. Not surprisingly, it is the original design allows Benchmade knives immediately fall in love with yourself customers.