Boker Knives


Company Boker Knife – one of the oldest German knife companies. Its history goes back to the late Middle Ages (XVII century), when the city of Remscheid was founded by a small family business for the production of Knives Boker head of the family. Next to the workshop, and later – the factory, grew mighty chestnut trees. It is a powerful tree became a symbol of the company, now known all over the world. Boker Knives are known from the XVII century, but the history of the company during the first two centuries of its existence vaguely outlined by historians. We only know that in the XVIII century on the knife with the tree on the blade was known throughout Germany and even abroad. As for the assortment Boker knives included combat, utility, and special craft.

Modern brand Boker – it’s quality and functional folding knives, produced in several series, as well as practical tools Cooking. Most of the legendary brand power transferred to China and Taiwan (to reduce the cost of manufactured products). But quality control of products ensures a high level of absolutely all models produced under the brand name “Boker” in Asia.

Main series folding knives Boker – Magnum lineup is and “Boker” plus “. Knives of the series Magnum – low cost, affordable models with different types of locks. These models are equipped with blades of steel 440A soundly.

Folding Knives Boker manufactured in Germany. This company “Boker” premium line of folding knives called Classic Solingen. Folding Knives Boker (Germany) are valued particularly highly, because they are produced at the historic facility in the heart of Europe cutter – Solingen. Elite knives from Boker knives are fitted with stainless steel 4034, Cronidur 30, Bohler N690, Damascus.

Also Boker knives catalog boasts spectacular series Boker Kalashnikov – line folders, created based on the most popular firearms in the world – the Kalashnikov assault rifle. These models (especially Boker AK 101) gained immense popularity, becoming almost a cult of folders. For these models, the blades are also made of steel 440 and AUS-8.