Brous Blades


Brous Blades company was founded by Jason Brouzom. His first experience in the manufacture of knives founder received when he helped his father in the shop, at his own shop, carrying out production and sale of high-precision components and special cutting tools for the medical industry. As a diligent son, Jason actively assisted his father, simultaneously honing and perfecting their own skills and skill. Due to this, in the 20 years he had quire years of experience with a variety of materials, equipment, and was qualified as a technologist.

His first models of knives were made in the style of “BiomechanicsĀ» (Bio-mechanical or Biomech). This surrealistic style combining elements of machines and robots with organic features of the animal world.

Today, the company Brous Blades produces durable, functional and robust folding knives, EDC and fiksedy with exclusive design, made of the most modern and technologically advanced equipment with high quality and innovative materials.

Amazing architectural design with flawless execution and premium materials, quickly brought the company a huge success among the blades of fans around the world. And today, the blades of the limited series by Jason Brouse exhibits are welcome in any collection and excellent working devaysa for active users blade products.