Chris Reeve Knives


In 1984, the world is not yet known, but already hatched a brilliant idea of the ideal foldable “knife for all occasions”, nayfmeyker Stanley Christopher Reeve established a firm Chris Reeve Knives. In 1985, the company received the first order, and in 1991 the whole world to know the brilliant master Chris Reeve. The reason for this was his idea yet implemented Sebenza utility knife with first employed, developed by Chris Castle – RIL (Reeve Integral Lock). For more than 20 years, this knife is a recognized standard folding knife – its simplicity, reliability, simplicity and excellent design gave him the honorary title of “knife icons” of modern times. The concept of Chris Reeve Knives is not to throw out on the market is constantly disputed, dozens of new models, and to focus on its impeccable quality, universally recognized and constantly demanded knives. And for over 20 years, Chris Reeve Knives produces Sebenza without design changes, and more than 20 years, the demand for this unrivaled knife is only growing. At present the company produces only a few knives with a fixed blade, and 4 species of the folding knife – famous Sebensee in a diverse performance, gentlemen Mnandi, high-tech and Umnumzaan lock knife with experimental Ti-Lock. And all of these knives are the subject of many dreams nozhemanov.