CRKT Knives


Brand CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) Rod Bremer founded in 1994, the year. Rod did not independently develop design and technology, it is easier done. Ron Bremer began to invite designers to stab cooperation.

As the time – he was right. Participation of various designers in creating the unique look of the blades formed brand CRKT.

The product line of the brand is as follows:

-knives for everyday use;
-tactical knives and pens;
-knives for fishing and hunting;
With 34 designer brand cooperate. Each contributed to the creation of CRKT knives. Jim Hammond works in the company since inception. His specialty – Tactical knives with a fixed blade. Edd Halligan, nicknamed “Big Daddy” was the second mother’s knife CRKT. He invented the compact model K.I.S.S. and P.E.C.K.

Pat and Wes Crawford to create the most lightweight models made of titanium. Russ Commer specializes in hunting and fishing knives. James Williams creates the knives in the Japanese style. Each designer has its own history and its own view of the world. All of them together is CRKT.

Despite the relative youth, «CRKT» has several important patents – its engineers belong to numerous inventions, which include revolutionary AutoLAWKS, a mechanism to ensure the safety of the knife holder. It is also the designer of Tom Veffom developed a special, unique type serreytera (blade in the form of a mini-saw, equipped with razor-sharp teeth), named in his honor.

The steel used in the manufacture of knives is iron alloy, other metals, and carbon. “Stainless steel” – a generic term for the class of corrosion resistant alloy steel containing 10.5% or more chromium. The term “stainless steel” does not mean that these alloys never porzhaveyut or covered with corrosion, but that they are less prone to rusting than steel not containing chromium. All blades of CRKT stamped or laser cut from one of the listed below high-carbon steel grades.

The higher the carbon content of the alloy and its final hardness, the longer it will persist edge, but the more difficult it will be to sharpen the blade is factory conditions. Some premium alloys have a low nickel content, and the tools are covered with rust will, if they are not kept clean and no oiling after use over time. Therefore, we can assume Steel brand «AUS 8″ from CRKT first-class rafting, very well in comparison with the alloy «ATS 34″ during efficacy trials conducted by international magazines knives.

CRKT Experts of the company justify the principles of its production such opinions: “The mechanic performing daily with his knife hard work, expose it to all kinds of solvents and moisture, will benefit from increased longevity, resistance to corrosion and facilitate the process of sharpening his tools, which he will receive when using blades steel «420J2» or «AUS 4”. Buyer knives «Ultima» and «Alaska Pro Hunter» manufactured by CRKT, conversely, need high-carbon steel, such as “1.4116” or «AUS 8″ with a combination of outstanding toughness and corrosion-resistant properties. “