Emerson Knives


The company Emerson Knives, Inc was founded by Ernest Emerson (Ernest R. Emerson) and his wife Mary (Mary Emerson) in 1997 in California. Even before the founding of the company Emerson knives are in great demand and demand in the United States. Knives were made by hand, gradually gaining more and more fame and popularity, and all knives began to be stretched over several years.

Based company Emerson has focused all its efforts on increasing the volume of production and the development of other markets. Emerson has developed rapidly and has earned the respect and recognition among the police and military, hunters and fishermen. Competent organization of production, superior design and excellent quality have played a pivotal role in the formation of such a competitive brand. Today, Emerson manufactures some of the most high-quality knives in the world in the most reasonable prices.

This famous manufacturer of knives has done much to popularize the tactical folding knife. He created Emerson Combat System, which is used for training military and police elite. His tactical folding knives are made of premium components such as 154CM steel lining on the handle of G10 and titanium liners. Emerson Knives by an expert, reliable and can withstand a real battle.

All Knives Emerson Knives Inc. Company manufactured in the USA and have a special status in law enforcement agencies and armed forces around the world. Today, Emerson company produces some of the most high-quality and practical knives worldwide.
Blades of knives are manufactured by Emerson of corrosion resistant bearing steel 154SM grade of hardness 57-59 HRc. Titanium handle Emerson knives are equipped with heavy-duty plastic lining of the G10, which provide a comfortable and secure grip knife. These knives energomichnymi convenient to use both with gloves and without. In addition to law enforcement agencies, knives Emerson Knives Inc. Company and are very popular with hunters, fishermen, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.