Gerber Knives


Gerber Knives – an American company founded in 1939, produces Multitools, tourist knives and multifunction knives for survival. Especially popular after the company won a joint series multitool knives and created with Bear Grylls. Specializing in survival even in the most difficult conditions, Bear versatile tools designed to survive in any environment. A distinctive feature of Bear Grylls knife the Gerber series can be called flexibility, strength, and contrasting colors, so that the nature of such a knife for sure come in handy!
Original Gerber knives easily cope with most everyday tasks in urban areas. At the same reliability and quality materials ensure a long service life of the knife Gerber even under extreme stresses. All submitted Gerber multipurpose tools combine quality, versatility, and reasonable price.

Gerber knives – one of the most purchased in the world. In their favor is the consistently high quality, which is supported by the company’s inception in 1939. Since then, the American company Gerber products won customers not only in the US but also in Europe and Asia.

Nowadays you can buy knives Gerber tourism, hunting, for fishermen, for the city, extreme survival, folding model with a fixed blade. This list includes Gerber knives almost any purpose and of various shapes, so each buyer will choose an option in accordance with the individual needs easily.

Gerber Knives classic design as the year did not lose its popularity after year. An example will serve as a series of Myth. It includes hunting knives and blades with tinted brown or black handles. But each knife Gerber Myth – is not only a stylish accessory but also truly functional assistant. It is suitable for cooking in field conditions, cutting animal carcasses on the hunt, perform ancillary works at the tourist camp organization. All Gerber knives with a fixed blade Myth sold complete with a sheath in which is integrated sharpener. This practical feature helps to maintain the knife Gerber always in working condition.

If you need a quality knife that will be faithful assistant in any kind of outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, hiking, the best solution is to buy a knife Gerber.