Kershaw Knives


Kershaw multinational corporations appeared in 1974. The main principles of quality are: – technological achievements of Japan and the United States; – Unique design, reliable quality and great variety. Ken Onion, the trademark owner by coordinating and directing the work of the best professionals with whom at different times cooperated company (Ken Onion, Grant and Gavin Hawk, Ernest Emerson, Alton Brown, and many others) “Kershaw” in a short time has established its own measurements, allowing the creation of knives style and charisma which surpassed all previously produced in the world. The unique design and unique style still endow the company “Kershaw” the glory of one of the best companies in the manufacture of knives.

The Kershaw, one of the few artists in the industry, capable of creating a knife on the project on paper to finished product with their own hands. Its unique knives found in the most prestigious private collections and in the pockets of ordinary people around the world. The passion for the knives began to emerge Ken in the young will be rewarded. At 5 years old he made in the workshop of grandfather his first knife. He brought slopes with a manual sharpener after many hours of difficult and hard manual work.

For some time the young Ken walked with his knife in his belt, but then took his grandfather. When Ken was 12, his family moved to Palestine. Next to him lived a blacksmith Vernon Ott, who made knives and garden tools. In 1981, Ken graduated from high school and went to serve in the Marine Corps aircraft mechanic service F4 Phantom Airbase №212. Serving aircraft mechanic, Ken simultaneously studying different knives and thinking on the design of his best knife. In the hours of severance and vacation, Ken earned a mechanic in the “Advance Aviation”, which restored vintage aircraft.

After retiring from service in 1985, Ken has had a mechanical aptitude, repairman ground facilities and equipment repairman of hydraulic systems.
In 1987, Ken moved to the city of Anderson, North Carolina, where he worked as an engineer for industrial robots and automation in the corporation “Robert Bosch”. Two years later, he was lured to BHP Petroleum, a mechanical inspector, back to Hawaii.

Shopping with his wife, he bought a magazine about knives and read it from cover to cover to learn that he was not the only fan blades. Subscribe to all cutlery, magazines, he began to learn all that you can, for the manufacture of knives. In November 1991, Ken met Stan Fujisaki, a very talented nozhedelom that Ken has taught the art of making good knives.
One day, when Ken was helping a friend repair his Harley, he suddenly understood how to be arranged in a lock knife. Calling it SpeedSate, he created and designed knives Kershaw – so he decided to call his brand of knives. Now he has released many knives with rapid opening system. It not only creates a new design for the blades, but also monitors the production process of each blade individually to conform it to high quality standards and are without any flaw or defect.

Kershaw Today the company manufactures low-cost, but high-quality and reliable knives in various niches – EDC, hunting knives, tactical Soup, knives for survival, as well as a variety of kitchen knives. And these are the knives, which at the request of the company, provide huge returns for every dollar paid for them.