Microtech Knives


Microtech – a young American company producing knives, established in 1994, when in Vero Beach (FL), the former mechanic Anthony Marfione (Marfione) opened a small firm, where he tried himself as a master designer. According to the author, in Microtech knives were to be implemented all of the advanced technology, products to anticipate the expectations of the brand of their owner. As a result of the constant creativity and improvement of materials and production techniques, Anthony managed to create a knife products made of advanced production technology and meets the highest quality standards.

The main focus – fighting knives production of high-end steel with an uncompromising desire for the standard of quality of flow of automatic knives. The line of knives Out the front, which applied the principle of a frontal ejection of the blade, are the pride of the company. In addition to many kinds of knives (automatic, cooking, fishing, switchblades), under the brand name Microtech produced arrowheads. After the master himself Marfione is an avid archer. When developing new models Microtech collaborates with the best designers, professionals Svoge case such as Ernest Emerson, Bob Terzuola, Walter Brand, Greg Lightfoot, Reese Weiland and others.

Microtech is also known for its exceptional attitude towards customers and technical support. Buy knives Microtech – it means not only to acquire excellent folding knife with a quality mechanism, but also to enlist the support of highly qualified specialists of the company Microtech, since in the event of any fault of the company specialists are always repair your knife under warranty. In addition to serial production, Microtech also creates collectible copies limited edition knives. Only luxury materials used in the manufacture of knives: titanium, Damascus steel, and for decoration – a natural pearl, shell galiotisov and other exotic materials.

Achievements brand: double – specialists of the company were awarded the highest awards of the industry in 1998 and 1999 – the prize of the specialized magazine Blade Magazine – Manufacturing Quality Award. Every year it is awarded only to companies. Overall Microtech company is very successful and profitable, but the negative point of manufacture and sale of such knives is that you have to constantly fight against counterfeiting mainly in China, who take part of the potential customers and spoil the image of low quality fakes.

You should know – details of the knives themselves knives Microtech brand manufactured only in the United States. In the manufacture of alloys used for aircraft construction of the highest quality and reliability. Experts are trying to ensure the quality of such a knife as the ease of use, efficiency and functionality. Microtech products are undoubtedly the leaders in the industry