SOG Knives


Company “SOG” was founded in 1986 by Spencer and Gloria Fraser, the name comes from the Studies and Observation Group, yet it was called “the Joint Service Special Operations”, an organization engaged in the war in Vietnam, the formulation and implementation special and sabotage. The unit will have the right to design and order their own uniforms and weapons. One of the first developments was the legendary knife SOG Recon Bowie. The first development «SOG», immediately brought to the founders of fame and popularity, began fighting knives for American soldiers in Vietnam.

Extremely unfavorable climate, complex tasks, constantly changing environment, and difficulties with supply and repairs required by the soldier’s knife extraordinary qualities that manufacturers “SOG” successfully embodied in his first draft. During the war, American soldiers used knives «SOG» in the battle, when performing special operations, as well as in everyday life. It is the love of soldiers to a simple, but at the same time very convenient and efficient knife helped «SOG» to become a producer of military weapons one of the largest corporations in the world, engaged in the production of professional high-quality knives. Thirteen years after the disbanding of the elite unit (as above mentioned in 1986), the company SOG Specialty Knives & Tools was founded, Inc.

But in civilian life «SOG» prefers to create knives, intended to solve complex problems and assistance in extreme conditions. Production Knives «SOG» are loved not only by the US military and the police, but also representatives of civil specialties that respect the reliability, efficiency and ease – doctors, firemen, rescuers. Knife “SOG” is positioned as a knife that can save the life of his master in a dangerous situation and experience of its application it shows that with this work he manages to “excellent”, as befits a real combat veteran. Now SOG is one of the first companies producing truly reliable and convenient folding and hunting knives and multi tools. Each model is designed founder and chief engineer of the company Fraser Spencer. Its patented, unique, futuristic design model for the company won the SOG many awards and Frazer praised as a progressive designer. Today, SOG knives produces three types: Fixed Blades, Folders  and Multipurpose Tools.

Knives SOG Specialty Knives suit any connoisseur of modern technology and innovative solutions. Optionally, you can choose a knife with a smooth, fully or partially serreytornoy sharpening blades. The richness of the range allows you to look for a knife of suitable size and weight, the most unexpected design, multi-disciplinary with any set of tools. The blades are made of stainless steel top grade, resistant to salt stress, water and acids. The handles have a special shape, comfortable to grip and protects the knife from slipping in your hand. The SOG knives emphasis is not on tradition, and on innovative solutions, technology and bold design.

Top quality SOG knives repeatedly pointed out the most prestigious awards. However, the greatest, perhaps, to achieve today – a government order for production of SOG SEAL Knife US Navy SEALs (“seals”), which the company won the tender in the fourteen largest producers of knives (including Buck and Gerber). Now SOG company successfully sells its products in countries around the world, it is widely known for its unique style and the desire to create perfect models.