Spyderco Knives


American “Spyderco” the company was founded by Sal Glesserom (Sal Glesser) in 1978 and currently based in Golden, Colorado, USA. “Spyderco” produces only knives and sharpening kits for them, and for the past 30 years has had time to prove itself the most progressive approach to all competitors. Glessera designers have created a number of discoveries in the area of the blade, without which today is difficult to imagine a modern high-tech knife.

Their authorship belongs to a popular serreyternaya sharpening Spyder Edge (blade in the form of a mini-saw, equipped with razor-sharp teeth), spring clip on the handle, helps to conveniently carry a knife in his pocket, a hole through which is faster and easier to open the knife with one hand (Compression Lock ). In addition, plastic flow Spyderco become the main structural material of the handle, considerably reducing its weight.

Throughout the activity developers “Spyderco” constantly working with professional athletes, self-defense instructors and other professionals who help achieve not only optimum functionality knives, but also extremely comfortable and ergonomic design. Also, now run very many progressive designers. Among them, Bob Lum, Bob Terzuol, Wayne Goddard, Michael Walker, Jesse Horne, Frank Sentofante Bill Moran, Dzhots Khalsa and many others. Creating a large number of blades is accompanied by tests such as the strength of the cutting edge of the blade corrosion resistance and oxidation stresses and abrasion of the cutting edge.

Folding knives are available with three types of locks: Back Lock, Liner Lock and Compression Lock. Blades Spyderco alloy steel of various grades can be like a normal pleynovoy sharpening and serreytornymi or combined. Lightweight and sturdy handle made of Zytel polymer, fiberglass G-10, stainless steel or titanium.

First Clipit, Spyderco Worker, was presented as a prototype in 1981 at SHOT SHOW in New Orleans and immediately aroused great interest among the public and professionals in the production of knives. First serriyny Spyderco knife under the brand name, model C01 Worker, released in 1981. Master, make a prototype, was Sal Jim Oddo (Jim Oddo).

Thanks to good relations with the legendary Al March (Al Mar) and his relations, Selu Glesseru managed to place the production of knives Spyderco C01 Worker in Japan. First released by the model was equipped with a removable clip (later patented a way CLIPIT) to be worn on the clothing, which served as the creation of an interesting keychain on the keys.

Currently, the catalog produced by Spyderco models has more than 180 units, including folding knives, fixed blade knives and kitchen. Until recently, the Spyderco products manufacturing was located exclusively in the United States and Japan, but in 2008 released the first Spyderco knife under the brand name, Manufactured in China. Spyderco company Experts say that the quality of products released in the Chinese factories will remain the same, but this change was implemented to reduce the wage costs of employees and the cost of materials, so we can only believe the developers on the floor.

Describe knives “Spyderco” companies can be summarized – limiting manufacturability, unique style, the best quality. Spyderco owns trademark Byrd, under which produced knives, produced in Southeast Asia. Folding knives Byrd with a hole for opening one hand distinguishes this opening shape – in the form of a comet.